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School Development Plan

We are keen to be as transparent as possible and by providing you with our school development plan overview we hope that you will be able to support all the hard work we are undertaking.


Below are the 'headlines' of our School development plan, it is a working document for this academic year. These 'Headlines' just outline the main priorities and then breaks it further down into a sub-heading. The full School Development Plan then has actions and planned outcomes for each sub-heading.


Our 'Key' priorities for 2018-19 are:

- Ensuring appropriate challenge across all subject areas and all abilities

- Developing our foundation subject areas to ensure curriculum tracking and progression

- Visioning for 2019 and beyond



We hope that you find this informative and useful in understanding how we are trying to move this school even further forward; the quest for being the best school we can be!

2018-19 School Development Plan