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At FPJS, we love writing for a wide range of audiences and purposes!  All our children are taught within their own classes, no matter what ability they are, and we set personalised writing targets for each child to work on to ensure they are making progress at their own level.


Our talented teachers generally plan writing opportunities around a text type (e.g. narrative, report writing, persuasive) and ensure there are many opportunities to write for a REAL purpose- for example, producing a leaflet for adults to read, writing to local companies, or writing a script to add to video outcome or to enter a competition.  Writing opportunities also extend across the curriculum, with planned writing tasks within history, geography, science and other curriculum areas where possible.


Each unit of work focuses on a particular writing objective (which could be grammatical, composition, etc) from the National Curriculum and teachers carefully guide children through the unit with the aim of all children meeting or exceeding that objective. At the end of each unit, children complete a "hot" write, to show the progress they have made.  Each child keeps a folder of all their "hot" writes throughout their time at the school which showcases their range of writing and progress.


For children who need more support, there are many catch up sessions offered, either with the teacher or TA to ensure every child is making good progress.  For those children who are already mastering their year group expectations, teachers ensure there are further challenges for children to aim for within their writing.


Spellings are taught within the class, and children have weekly spelling lists which can be found in their home-school diary.  There are always challenges for children to complete and support groups for those who find spelling more tricky.



Writing Intent and Characteristics