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FPPF Visions and Value



In 2019, Furze Platt Primary Federation was formed from Furze Platt Infant and Furze Platt Junior Schools.


With the new federation came a new vision for both schools and a set of values.


Our visions and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.

Our Vision

Leading the way in the community to provide an outstanding education that prepares all of us with the skills that we need to be successful in the next stage of our learning and beyond.

To all be the best that we can be!

Our Values

PASSION Love for Learning

We enjoy learning

We are busy learning

We are motivated to engage in all learning We will research, talk and grow as individuals through self-review, sharing with others and tweaking our practice
Creativity & Curiosity

We seek challenges

We explore and evaluate

We ask purposeful questions and we try lots of different ways to solve them We will look outwardly to ensure that we can be the best that we can be whilst seeking to be innovative in our approaches
Achievement & Progress

We try our hardest

We fix and work on next steps

We are forward thinking and always challenge ourselves We will celebrate all our school’s achievements and ensure that we challenge all to be the best they can
WELL-BEING Resilience & Confidence

We are determined to do our best

We have a go and take risks

We are prepared to fail and learn from it when we do

We have a growth mind-set

We will work as a team to overcome challenges; being open, collaborative and proud to be part of FPPF

We solve problems

We know who can help and when we need it

We are learning skills to be independent so we can succeed in school and beyond We will be self-reflective, try new ideas, take risks but also know who can help when we need it
Health & Happiness

We understand how to keep our bodies healthy

We know what makes us happy and how we make others happy

We embed healthy habits, reflecting on our choices and how they make us and others feel We will always have our own, the children’s and staff’s well-being at the fore front of what we do and be mindful on others’ pressures
RESPECT Respect for our self & others

We are kind and polite

We listen carefully to others

We show excellent teamwork and collaboration in work and play We will show mutual respect to all members of FPPF
Respect for the Environment

We are eco-friendly

We look after our school

We take active steps to improve our environment in and beyond the school We will be role models in ensuring that the schools are looked after and the best learning environments are provided to inspire our pupils
Respect for our Wider Community

We are proud to be at FPIS

We play a part in our community

Support our Infant School children through work and play

Supporting the local community

We will support other schools

We will support the local community