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Mental Health & Well-Being at FPPF and support for families

Wellbeing is one of the most important focuses for schools and it is one of our three core federation values:


Passion- Well-Being – Respect


We aim to show and develop these values through teaching the children, training the staff, involving our parents and having a whole school approach to the importance of healthy bodies and healthy minds. 

Without a healthy mind (and to some extent a healthy body), we cannot learn effectively!


We talk to the children in school about mental and physical health through all aspects of our curriculum, but particularly through assembly, story time, PE and PSHE sessions. Our children understand that we all have mental health and that, just like physical health, sometimes we can feel fantastic, but other times we might not feel so good. They understand and accept that we all have times when we don’t feel good about things and that to have someone that we can talk to can make all the difference. We repeat this message at regular intervals, at all levels, from the Executive Headteacher and governors. Our staff understand that it is crucial that we all share this message – and use it for ourselves too.

Mental Health is not a taboo subject at FPPF and we openly discuss our emotions through our behaviour systems of self-regulation and restorative work.


Well-Being for our children:

At FPPF, wellbeing is promoted through the 6 pillars (5 from the BBC Children in Need wellbeing hub – click on the tab below to take you to the wellbeing hub)

Connect – Take Notice – Get Active – Be Curious – Give - Care


Connect – with family, friends, classmates, colleagues and even the nature around us

Take Notice – be curious, intuitive and reflect on experiences and the amazing world around us

Get Active – 150 minutes (2.5 hours) of heart raising exercise per week and making exercise fun

Be Curious – keep learning and try new things; keeping a positive mindset! (linked to our value of Passion)

Give – doing something for others including our random acts of kindness and kindness ninjas!

Care – care for ourselves, each other, our school and the environment (linked to our value of Respect)


Our aim is to plan opportunities for children to take part in assemblies, challenges, lessons and activities that cover and help the child develop and understand the benefits of these 6 areas.


Well-Being for our staff:

Staff wellbeing is of paramount importance at FPPF. We look at all opportunities to reduce workload, improve systems and provide additional support for our staff. Open conversations with staff and constant reviewing of practice help us identify any concerns and plan effective strategies to continue our wellbeing development.

This has led to our FPPF ‘Fab 5 things we do to promote wellbeing at FPPF’ for staff which focuses on 5 key areas of staff roles.

FPPF is also signed up to the DFE wellbeing charter and encourage staff to also focus on the 6 pillars above.


FPPF Well-Being strategy and policy:

To further improve our support for wellbeing at FPPF, we have written this strategy.



Well-Being for our families:

As a federation, we employ a family support worker. The family support worker is there for all families that need some extra support; from a phone call chat to support with grants, Early help, uniform, food and much more.

Our family support worker is contactable through the school office. She has her own phone number too and a direct email from when you make contact.


Some fabulous resources to help you and your family now:



Wellbeing and Mental Health lead: Mike Wallace

Please see out Flexible working Strategy below for information on how we support our staff's wellbeing through the flexibility of their role.

Well-being resources/training