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History at FPJS

At FPJS we are passionate about history.  We believe children need to gain a secure understanding of Britain’s past and the wider world in order to provide pupils with an understanding of why the world, and specifically Britain, is how it is today. We aim to provide children with immersive experiences which will bring the past to life in order to spark their curiosity and encourage them to ask a wide range of thought-provoking questions. They should get a sense of what it might really have been like to live in another time and place, to bring about a deeper understanding of their own place in history. Our curriculum should inspire curiosity and progressively build on their critical thinking and questioning skills. Children should leave FPJS not only with a secure historical knowledge base but also have a range of skills that will support them in their further studies and everyday life.


How do we teach history at FPJS

We use our Sticky Knowledge to guide our teaching and learning in history with the aim of developing our learners to become passionate and independent historians. As part of each lesson and our Solid Six weekly recall, pupils at FPJS continually recap their previous learning to ensure an excellent depth of understanding and value attributed to each learning opportunity. The development of historical disciplinary skills: chronological understanding, historical interpretation and historical enquiry, is built into each year group. Learning is further supported by answering a key historical question at the end of each unit of learning to showcase each child's understanding of an area of study.  These questions, which are introduced at the start of the unit of work, are answered in a variety of ways including written tasks, film making and other creative work.