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Sports Premium

FPJS has  been awarded Gold Sports Mark for the 6th year running! This recognises the level and importance of PE at FPJS to our staff and pupils.



We receive PE funding based on number of pupils in school and we use this to provide a fun, varied, challenging and inspirational POE curriculum for our pupils. Our specialist school staff deliver well planned lessons that are pitched at our children's needs. These coaches (not external company coaches but specialist school employed staff) bring a wealth of sporting experiences and ensure that all of our pupils have a good quality sporting education.


The impact of the coaching has been an improved consistency of delivery, more varied sports offered in lessons, an increase of PE curriculum time to 2 1/4 hours a week for all classes and tracking of skills and knowledge across the range of PE topics. We also now have the opportunity to offer extra curricular specialist clubs which has increased our club uptake. The subject specialist coaching provides demonstrations for our existing staff throughout the year. The ability to watch your own class being coached will lead to a clear sustainability of quality PE delivery in Primary schools.


Our PE curriculum, including the significant investment in equipment and extra curricular opportunities, has had a marked impact on our pupils. FPJS promotes healthy lifestyles and encourages as many pupils as possible to lead active lives. In the recent National Child Measurement Programme, FPJS had 17% of pupils Overweight, compared to 34% nationally and 29% in RBWM. 

We constantly strive to ensure that 100% of our pupils are in a sports club, event or competition through the year. We promote healthy lifestyle choices and benefits of making healthy choices. 

Planned actions and impact can be found in the accompanying PE statement.


Year 3 swimming block in the Summer term. 

Year 6 final swimming assessments take place in Autumn term. This data will then be published on the PE statement.

Catch up sessions for Year 6 pupils that are not confident swimmers provided in term 6.

Please see PE statement for more details.