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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Welcome back to a new year 6 ! We are looking forward to a great year and this is the place to come if you are off school and need to do a bit of work while you wait to return. 

Maths and English week beginning 4th October

Maths/English week beginning the 27th September 

So after 7 weeks of on-line learning we are so very nearly there and back to normality on the 8th . We hope you have enjoyed all the on-line work and we have in many ways enjoyed teaching you in this way but we are also very pleased that soon we will see you in person . So for the last time here are all the sheets for next week - not that many as most of the work is related to world book day . 
World Book Day 
Sheets for year 6 grid 22nd February 
Other subjects
Sheets and information for the grid beginning 8th Feb 2021
Other subjects
Sheets and information for the grid 1st February 2021
Other subjects 
Sheets and information for 25th Jan Grid 
Maths sheets and powerpoints
English Sheets
Afternoon subjects
Sheets and information for 18th Jan Grid
Grids for home learning will now be sent on email but you will find additional sheets to support learning if you cannot access Seesaw

Welcome to the wonderful world of home learning (the sequel- hopefully it won't become a trilogy!) 


Hopefully this time we will be able to help you a bit more with our on-line provision . Please bear with us as technology may or may not let us down but we will endeavour to post the new weekly grid by Friday each week. 



Welcome back to a new year - we have made a great start and are looking forward to a fantastic year. 

Year 6 - top of the school and a chance for some exciting activities and a chance to develop your resilience and responsibility. We kick off the year with lots of speeches - head boy and head girl as well as the house and vice captains and there is always a  lot of competitions as the pupils write some fantastic speeches. 


We want you to have a great year and prepare you so that you are independent , focused learners who are ready to move to your new schools by the end of the year.


We study  Stanley Spencer in art , The Battle of Britain in topic as well as the Maya people . Science is light, circuits and evolution and this year we will have a STEM week .


In English we will be studying several films and books to develop our narrative writing and look at how to write formally - and write a formal letter and see if you can get a response (one year the Prime Minister came!) 

In maths there will recaps on the four operations and place value before we move onto lots of fractions/decimals and percentages- with loads of problem solving . Make sure you know your times tables - these are crucial as they save a lot of time answering questions  if you know them. 


Check with your teacher when PE lessons are. Spellings , maths and english homework is given every week so make sure you bring it back every week . It is set on a Thursday  and due in the following Thursday . There is also an optional grid with lots of choices to show us what you can do (see below) .


Get in touch with class teachers via Seesaw or email - your child can give you this if they ask, or via home/school books. 


Year 6 is a great year and of course there is the production at the end of the year ... We have already bought next years and it's going to be great !

If you need to home isolate at any point you will find the activities relating to our current topics on this page. We will update each half term or when any of our key topics change. Also log on to Seesaw where your class teacher will post you specific maths and English links for those weeks and get in touch with your class teacher if you have any questions . Enjoy!

Grid for the end of term 6th-17th July

PSHE 29th June

Grid for week beginning 22nd June

Resources for 15th June Grid - homeschoolers only


Documents for HOMESCHOOLERS only - do not use this section if you are coming back to school

Grid for 1st June

Maths for week beginning 1st June

Grid for week beginning 18th May

Grid for week beginning 11th May

English and Spellings Week Beginning 11th May

Home Learning Grid

Homeschool Grid Week Beginning 27th April

Spellings for year 6 (first 2 weeks of grid )

Battle of Britain museum