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Year 3 Home Learning 2020


Whilst schools are closed we will be providing home learning for all Year 3 children.  This will be sent out weekly via Seesaw and Showbie but details of the week can also be found here.  We are mindful that every family is different and so the work we are providing and the daily timetable is a suggestion only.  Please do what is best for you and your family during this challenging time.


If you are having any problems accessing the work, please do get in contact and we will do our best to help.  We are aware that some people may be unable to access the work we are setting online and so are happy to provide a paper copy of the weekly work for your child.  Please let your class teacher know and we will arrange for this to be printed for you.


We look forward to welcoming back all of the Year 3 children as soon as possible!

Kind regards,


The Year 3 Team


Miss Moakes -

Mrs Sweatman -

Miss Howard -

Welcome to Year 3!


Year 3 is an exciting year for everyone as the children are introduced to FPJS.  During Year 3 we always have lots of brilliant activities lined up with a focus on building independence and promoting a growth mindset attitude towards learning.  We have three main Topics during the year: Settlements though Time, Into the Rainforest and Ancient Egypt.  We are pleased to have introduced Samba drumming as part of the Year 3 music curriculum which is popular with children and adults alike!


Each year we organise a number of fantastic enrichment activities and trips.  Previously this has included:


- Celts and Romans activity day

- Visits from some rainforest animals

- Making lanterns for the Maidenhead Community Lantern Parade

- Trips to London Zoo

- Ancient Egypt workshops


Notes for parents:

- PE kits will be required in school from Monday to Friday and should include trainers.

- Homework will be handed out on a Thursday and is due in the following Thursday.

- We encourage all parents to sign up to Seesaw to get regular updates on year group activities and also to have the opportunity to follow some of your child's work as it happens.





Settlements through Time

Lantern making

Lantern making 1
Lantern making 2
Lantern making 3
Lantern making 4

Into the Rainforest