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Maths is crucial to all aspects of modern day life. Many of us use it everyday without even realising it. Here at Furze Platt Junior School we are working to ensure that children gain a depth of understanding about mathematical concepts that will enable them to apply their learning in real life scenarios. 

 Maths is taught in year groups but is set 3 ways. All groups are taught the same concepts but at a different pace. Teachers plan maths lessons together and each topic will end with a project or an using and applying task. Children are also taking part in class maths , which means they work in mixed ability groups, once a week, on a real life mathematical task. Mental arthrimetic happens at the start of every lesson and it enables children to realise that jottings and markings are important. For this reason each child has a maths jotting book which they use to show any mathematical working or to write reminders for themselves. This means that they can refer back to previous learning later on.

Supporting Maths


Attached  is our Calculation Policy. This document identifies within which year group we use certain mathematical written methods and also examples of how to use them. Also the Key Instant Recall Facts are included for you to use in the relevant year group. These are facts that children are expected to be able to recall fluently and with confidence.


MyMaths is the online website that we use for Maths homework but it also provides clear examples on how we teach Mathematical concepts and calculations.

FPJS Calculation Policy