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Maths at FPJS

Maths is crucial to all aspects of modern day life. Many of us use it everyday without even realising it. At FPJS, we work to ensure that children gain a depth of understanding about mathematical concepts that will enable them to apply their learning in real life scenarios and be confident and resilient in their understanding of maths. We ensure children are fluent in number bonds, times tables and can manipulate numbers. They are able to then reason mathematically using pictorial, concrete and abstract methods such as part/whole model, bar model and formal written methods. Children can then use this knowledge to solve problems, be confident in their explanations and thinking and see how all areas of maths are interconnected with each other and the real world.  Our aim is to ensure our maths curriculum is fun, challenging and provides purposeful and engaging curriculum experiences that nurture independent learners with a lifelong passion for learning.


How we teach maths at FPJS

Each daily maths lesson starts with children recalling prior mathematical knowledge and practicing previously taught skills.  This supports retention and gives us the opportunity to address any misconceptions.  Following the latest research into the most effective teaching and learning practices, children work in mixed ability groups and follow a maths mastery approach.  This means we are dedicated to developing children’s deep understanding of maths rather than memorising key procedures or rote learning.  As part of this, we regularly use maths manipulatives to support children’s concrete understanding and as a way of enabling them to understand abstract mathematical concepts. At FPJS, we ensure our lessons provide opportunities for regular fluency work to embed learning.  We encourage all children to take part in enquiry based problem solving, open-ended tasks and to justify and explain their thinking.


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