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At FPPF we value Art, Craft and Design as a fundamental part of every child’s development. Our carefully created art and design curriculum should engage, inspire and challenge all pupils and encourage in them a love for Art in all its forms. Pupils should be equipped with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design in an encouraging and safe environment, where pupils feel that their work can be evaluated in a constructive and supportive way. As pupils progress through the Key Stages, they will build on their understanding of art and design and discover how these have shaped the history and cultures of the world around us. We intend to deliver an all-inclusive approach that allows all pupils to feel that they are an artist. 



The ability to:

  • AC1: Explore and develop ideas through jotting, sketching and receiving feedback, giving feedback and self-review
  • AC2: Explore and develop knowledge, skills and key vocabulary in order to master techniques: Mark making, Drawing, Painting, Collage, Textiles & Sculpture
  • AC3: Take inspiration from the greats to develop a passion for art and understand the importance of art in shaping our past


Curriculum Overview & Big Questions

We use Big Questions to test how accurately the children acquire the key sticky knowledge and/or skills appropriate to the topic. These questions are answered in a variety of ways, through verbal responses, to written tasks to more creative work.

Children understand the question at the start of the topic so they can link their learning to the bigger picture.

Curriculum Sticky Knowledge

Sticky Knowledge is the key knowledge that we have chosen for the children to know after each topic. This knowledge is built upon, brought back into the working memory or recapped (retention & retrieval work) through the subsequent topics, years and even through different subjects. The aim is to retain this key knowledge by making a change to the child's long term memory.

Within all subjects, the expanse of knowledge is vast. We have chosen the key sticky knowledge that we feel would benefit the children through their KS2 journey and to help them understand and enjoy the subject area ready for KS3.


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Knowledge Organisers


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Celebrating and Enriching


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