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About FPPF

In September 2019, Furze Platt Infant School and Furze Platt Junior School joined to form Furze Platt Primary Federation. Whilst keeping each school's own identity, the Federation allowed these two strong schools to work even more closely together.

The aims of the Federation are:

  •  To improve the journey and provision for the children from Reception through to the end of Year 6 
  • To provide staff with the opportunity to work and experience school life outside of their Key Stage
  • To provide continuity of approaches for children, staff and families
  • Ensure that children can move from FPIS to FPJS at the end of Year 2
  • To provide a progressive curriculum and pedagogical approach to learning


FPPF has one Leadership team and one Governing Body that both operate over both schools. This strategic oversight by both bodies further increases the continuity and ability to support the children through all 7 years of their FPPF schooling.


In Autumn 2019, the staff and children created our FPPF Vision and Values. These are our driving forces and flow through all that we do.