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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Hello and welcome to Year 5. Year 5 is the year where we start to mature and take responsibility for our own learning. It's one of the best years as you go from being Lower Key stage 2 and start to get ready for Year 6 and beyond. This year we try and prepare you not just for Year 6 but for life beyond school. We will teach you the curriculum but also life skills such as resilience, confidence and perseverance.

We will study Space, both in science and in topic, we also look at the Shang and modern day China. In the Summer term we look at the USA and the impact it has on the modern world. We use the outdoor areas a lot and we like to explore our surrounding areas. We are a creative team and we will look at many artists from Van Gogh to Stephen Wiltshire. We like to always add an element of out of the box thinking so come with your creativity and be ready to explore.

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We have had many great trips and visits to the school. We have been to Kew, Winchester Science Museum, Cliveden and St Albans. In school we have made a Greek restaurant, had birds of prey, Native Americans and Greek armies visiting us throughout the years.  

We use Seesaw to communicate with parents and the children regularly upload work. They love it when their parents comment or see it whilst they are still at school. P.E. days in Y5 are Tuesdays for the whole year group. Check with your class teacher for your games days which will either be Wednesday or Thursday. Spellings, Maths and English homework are given weekly, on a Thursday, and if you can, try to do it when you get it. There is also homework club if you struggle to do it at home.

There are extra challenges, as an option, to complete but these are not compulsory (see below)

Year 5 is a fun, creative year where you are given the chance to raise your own questions, explore your own ideas and think outside the box. We enjoy teaching it and we hope you enjoy your time with us. Warning- it goes fast!
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