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FPJS has once again been awarded GOLD AWARD for PE provision.


We pride ourselves on providing a great variety of PE curricular and extra-curricular activities (see extra curricular club list) and this reflects in the success that we have in local sporting events. FPJS entered most of the SSCO RBWM events and placed in the top 3 in the majority of them. We have a strong tradition of successful sporting teams and we invest a lot of time into providing all of our pupils with opportunities to take part in sport. 


We receive PE funding based on number of pupils in school and we use this to enhance the PE provision in school, Inter-house, Inter-school and to deliver well planned lessons that are pitched at our children's needs. Our school staff coaches bring a wealth of sporting experiences and ensure that all of our pupils have a good quality sporting education. These coaches ensure that we can also provide before school, during school and after school clubs and competitions for our children.


The impact of the coaching and staff development through fitness sessions, have been an improved consistency of delivery, more varied sports offered in lessons, an increase of PE curriculum time to 2 1/4 hours a week for all classes and tracking of skills and knowledge across the range of PE topics. The subject specialist coaching provides demonstrations for our existing staff throughout the year. The ability to watch your own class being coached will lead to a clear sustaining of quality PE delivery in Primary schools.