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Furze Platt Primary Federation Resource Base

Welcome to the Autism Resource at Furze Platt Primary Federation. All children attend sessions at the Everest Centre located at the Junior school. The younger children also have access to a breakout space called the Olive room at the Infant School. We opened in November 2021 and are delighted that we can provide an inclusive environment for children with Autism. Here, children are able to access the mainstream classroom and Autism interventions in the Resource.



A Resource base is designed to develop independence enabling children to participate in all aspects of school life. A Resource is the first step in acquiring extra interventions for children outside the regular mainstream setting. Here the children spend 50% of their school time in the Resource and 50% in their mainstream class with differing levels of support, but not always 1:1. The differences between each setting are as follows:

Mainstream school: 100% attendance in the mainstream classroom

Resource Base: 50/50 split between Resource and mainstream

Autism Unit: 80% of school time in the unit and 20% in mainstream

Special School: 100% attendance at a specialist school



In the Resource, we provide interventions for children such Attention Autism, Colourful Semantics, Sensory Diet and Social Skills. Children will work on a one-to-one or small group basis depending on the level of need. All staff in the Resource have had Autism training from the Autism Education Trust.

Resource Base Manager and Teacher- Katie Thompson

Teaching Assistants- Graznya Sobczak, Kerry Scullion and Kate Sherwin



All teachers within our school have had Autism training from the Autism Education Trust. The Teachers are supported by the Resource staff to provide reasonable adjustments to meet the needs to children with Autism. Examples of some reasonable adjustments include movement breaks, visual timetables, practical activities and the use of technology to engage learners. In class support is provided by the class teacher and general teaching assistant. Children will work in a small group or be independent within the mainstream class.


Applying to the Resource

Applications for the Resource are separate from mainstream admissions. The application goes through a Special Educational Needs Panel within RBWM. Before an application can be made, the following criteria must be met:

•             Diagnosis of Autism

•             Educational and Health Care Plan

•             The potential for inclusion within the mainstream school

To visit the resource provision prior to making your decision please contact




Will my child receive 1-1 support?

The Resource Base is not designed for children to receive full time 1:1 support. There is a higher staff: pupil ratio in the Resource, here the children will have some 1:1 time but will mostly work in small groups. Within the mainstream, support is provided by the class teacher and general teaching assistant. Pupils are expected to work in a small group or be independent. The teaching assistants from the Resource support children 1:1 in the mainstream when possible, but not always.


Do the pupils have access to Makaton or the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)?

Pupils within the Resource are expected to be able to communicate their wants and needs effectively. Currently, there are no pupils on roll that use Makaton or PECS. Staff have not been trained in the use of either Makaton or PECS.


What are the toilet facilities within the Resource?

There is one toilet at the Everest Centre for the children to use. The toilets used by children in the Olive room are those also used by pupils in the mainstream setting.


Do you provide support for children with complex needs?

The Resource Base is designed for children who are able to work for some parts of the day/week in a mainstream classroom with general class support, not necessarily 1:1 support. The Resource Base is designed for children diagnosed for children with Autism.


Is there a waiting list?

The local authority does not have a waiting list for the Resource Base. Pupils places are decided upon through the LA consultation process and whether the Resource base can meet the individual pupil’s needs in the EHCP.


What training does your staff have?

All of the Resource staff have received training from North West Autism and SEND Consultancy Service and Level 2 training from that Autism Education Trust. Staff have on-going support from the SHINE Outreach team and the Educational Psychologist service.


Are the children included in mainstream activities such as school trips and plays?

Yes, we endeavour to include all our children in as many mainstream activities as possible. Special arrangements for school trips will be made prior and discussed with parents.